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Our Classic Eyelash Course for Beginners is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start their lash career. 


Our Group Foundation Training Courses take place in our London Bridge Eyelash Studio. Classes are kept very small (3 students maximum), which means you get plenty of invaluable one-to-one time with your trainer. Our teaching techniques ensure each individual student will come away feeling confident and prepared for a career in eyelash extensions!


If you're not ready to pay for your course in full, you can use Klarna or Clearpay to pay for the course in instalments so as not to not put any pressure on your financial situation!


On the successful completion of the training & case studies, you can start offering your clients classic eyelash extension treatments, earning your tuition money back in no time at all.

Beginners Classic Eyelash Extension Course

PriceFrom £99.00
  • Theoretical part (the online portal)

    We have an incredible online portal that you can access 24/7 once your course has been purchased.

    It includes:

    • Eyelash Extensions treatment Health and Safety;
    • Allergic reactions, irritations, chemical burn and patch testing;
    • Choosing the best equipment, products and tools;
    • Client consultation; 
    • Correct use of eyelash extensions adhesive; 
    • Different types of eyelashes explained (types, curls, thickness, length);
    • Lash styling for different eye shapes and bone structure;
    • Lash styling for different occasions and clients of different ages;
    • Correct application of lashes;
    • Stickies and why we should find and isolate them. 
    • The importance of applying lashes in the correct direction;
    • Correct distance of lash extension placement from the skin;
    • Common retention issues and how to prevent them;
    • How to fill in classic extensions;
    • Eyelash Extensions Removal;
    • Eyelash Extensions Aftercare;
    • Pricing for eyelash extensions treatment, including infill prices and how to gradually increase your lash prices.
    • Marketing and Business advice

    Practical Part 1 (practice on the mannequin head):

    • Correct picking and application of the eyelash extensions onto the mannequin head 
    • Get used to isolation and working with layers
    • Practicing mapping 
    • Practice picking up the correct amount of glue

    Practical Part 2 (practice on the live model):

    • Consultation and choice of the correct styling for model's eyes/face
    • Application of classic lashes 
    • Analysis and correction of mistakes in your eyelash application
    • Tips and tricks to improve speed and efficiency of your application
    • Demonstration of the ways to check for stickies
    • Tips for great lash photography
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