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Hi, I'm Rebekah

I am the CEO and head lash artist at Affinity Lash Co.

My Story

I Started Affinity in 2019 whilst studying an undergraduate degree. Since then, I have been certified both Nationally and Internationally and have become a specialist working with some of the most industry respected brands.


I went on to broaden my knowledge in the industry through taking part in more extensive beauty training including International Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy and my Level 3 AET qualification in teaching which I now use to educate future lash artists. I have also receieved awards for my work in the industry including an Excellence Award from the late OBE Eileen Cavaliere.

I am very passionate about the art and science behind beauty and can relate well to clients on all types of levels. I look forward to meeting you soon and giving you a warm welcome.

Our Team.

Our lash artists are fully trained and experienced, and they will prioritise your satisfaction and healthy lashes, so you can leave our studio feeling beautiful and confident


Whether you're an aspiring lash artist or simply need to contact Affinity Lash Co please find the contact information here.

Instagram: @AffinityLashCo

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