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Terms and Conditions

Lash Appointment T&C's 

Booking Appointments

When booking an appointment at Affinity Lash Co you agree to adhere to the following policies. By agreeing to these policies, you accept that failure to comply may result in you being refused treatment (regardless of whether booking fees have been paid or not)

Appointment Booking Fees

To avoid last minute cancellations and no shows,  we require the full amount which is taken in advance to your treatment. This fee is non-refundable if you do not follow our cancellation policy or fail to arrive for your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you are not able to attend your scheduled appointment. If less than 48 hours notice is given, we may not be able to fill your slot and so your booking fee will not be refunded.

If you do provide us with 48 hours notice, we will be happy to refund your booking fee. Please allow up to 5 working days for this to reach you from the day you notify us.

No Shows

Please notify us if you cannot make your appointment, even if it is at short notice. If we don’t receive notification prior to your appointment, your file will be marked as a “no show”. We have the right to refuse treatment or refund the booking fee if we feel our policies have not been followed by clients.

Infill Policy

We use only the highest quality products here at Affinity Lash Co and our work is covered for 48 hours after your appointment. In order to maintain our high standards, we are unable to infill lashes done by another lash tech.

In this case a removal of the old lashes would be required before we can apply a fresh full set. Removal for a full set is free.

Inappropriate Behaviour Towards Staff

Affinity Lash Co is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all clients and staff members. Any form of inappropriate behavior towards our staff, including but not limited to verbal abuse, harassment, or aggression, will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any client who engages in such behaviour.


There are certain situations in which the treatment cannot be performed and the Salon will have to refuse to do the treatment.

We are unable to do eyelash extensions treatment, when:

  • you had a recent eye/nose surgery or permanent make up in the eye area

  • your eyes are swollen, red, itchy or have any other signs of abnormal condition

  • there are any signs of eye infection, for example a stye, conjunctivitis or blepharitis

  • you have a hypersensitive skin

  • you have any condition that makes closing eyes difficult

  • you are allergic to eyelash extension adhesive

  • you had an allergic reaction for any products used during the treatment


The above conditions do also apply for a lash lift/Lash Filler treatment, and additionally:

  • pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • no patch test


If you have a problem with your lash set including excessive lash fall out (10-15 lashes per day), irritation, allergic reaction, etc. You must notify us within 48 hours of your original appointment. We can fix most problems at no cost. In the case of an allergic reaction, we will remove the lashes complementary of any charge, but we do not offer refunds on any services performed.


Please ask for a patch test prior to appointment if you have any concerns.

Guests at Appointments

We politely ask that you do not bring guests with you to your appointment. Space is limited in the salon and we don’t want anyone to feel cramped and uncomfortable.

It’s also quite off-putting for us to have an audience and we want to be able to give you the very best lashes, which requires our full concentration.

Children at Appointments

Strictly no children are allowed in the treatment room during lash appointments. Our insurance does not cover under 18s so we politely ask that you leave the children at home.

You will not be able to open your eyes during lash treatments and we cannot be responsible for them.


We keep our pets out of the treatment room and politely ask that you don’t bring yours with you either in order to keep the treatment areas clean and sanitary.

I confirm I have read the Terms and Conditions of Affinity Lash Co at the checkout before paying. 

I acknowledge that paying a deposit/booking fee to Affinity Lash Co confirms that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the company.

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