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Have you mastered Classic Lash Extensions Techniques and want to be on the leading edge of lash artistry?

Russian Volume is a revolutionary training where you will learn how to safely and beautifully apply multiple super-fine lashes to one single eyelash creating a look which is incredibly full and soft. This is a HIGH in demand look and will also enable you to create hybrid lashes.


Why Choose a Affinity Lash Co Course?

Our Lash trainers are not only the best trainers in the industry but also the most reputable and experienced technicians in the UK. Our trainer has performed over 5,000 sets of eyelashes ranging from classic lashes to mega volume and everything in between.


All of our training courses are fully insured and accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists.


Our group Russian volume training courses take place in our London Bridge Eyelash Studio. Classes are kept very small (3 students maximum), which means you get plenty of invaluable one-to-one time with your trainer. Each student will come away feeling confident and prepared for a career in eyelash extensions!


If you're not ready to pay for your course in full, you can use Klarna or Clearpay to pay for the course in instalments so as to not put any pressure on your financial situation! On completion of the training, you can start offering your clients Volume Eyelash Extensions treatments right away, earning your tuition money back in no time at all, by completing just 5 full sets!*


*considering a reasonable price of £70 for a full set of 4-5D volume lashes 



Please note that there should be at least 2 months time gap between you getting qualified in Classic lashes and your Volume training. 



Volume Eyelash Extension Course

PriceFrom £99.00
  • Theoretical part (the online portal)

    We have an incredible online portal that you can access 24/7 once your course has been purchased.

    It includes:

    • Theoretical part:

    • The rules and characteristics of volume lashes 
    • Explanation of different types of volume sets and volume lashes: 2D-6D sets, mega volume, hybrid sets, speedy volume lashes, pre-made fans - outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each  
    • Choosing the right fan size and thickness of the lashes for volume fans 
    • Glue - how to use it correctly for best results 
    • Allergic reactions and chemical burns - how to prevent them and how to treat them if they happen
    • Wedding and event lashes - how to minimise the risk of reactions etc.
    • Troubleshooting the most common retention issues
    • Stickies and why we should find and isolate them
    • Lash styling for different eye shapes and bone structures
    • Lash styling for different occasions and clients of different ages
    • Directions of the lashes in the set, importance of correct directions 
    • Attachment of the lashes, correct dipping of the extension into the glue
    • How to fill in volume extensions
    • Pricing for eyelash extensions treatments - pricing for different types of volume lashes, infill prices, and how to increase your lash prices.
    • Practical part 1  - practice on the mannequin head/makeup sponges:

    • Different Volume fanning techniques and how to achieve 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and mega volume. 
    • Practical part 2  - practice on the live model:

    • Consultation and choice of the correct styling for model's eyes/face 
    • Application of the full set of volume lashes using your preferred technique 
    • Analysis of problems and mistakes in your eyelash application
    • Tips and tricks to improve speed and efficiency of your application
    • Demonstration of the different ways to check for stickies
    • Tips for great lash photography
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