Shocking results from Ombre brows...

Want a real insight into the healing process of ombre brows?

Look no further as our client spills the tea on her journey (scroll to the bottom to see the progress pictures).

Selda's ombre brow journey diary:

Day 1

I am nervous yet excited over knowing I will wake up everyday with great brows!

I have just had the procedure done, it's like a constant scratching sensation with this added vibration pressure, some areas of the brow was more sensitive compared to others. After the outline and use of the anesthetic cream it seemed to get easier.

Loved the mapping and outlining prior which allows you to see and gage the shape you will have and gives you the chance for your input.

After an hour and use of the numbing cream the stinging sensation has settled.

Day 2

No pain or stinging this settled on the first day, my brows just feel a little  rough and dry in certain areas, no doubt the healing process has begun. Just rubbed the coconut oil given which came in the after care pack. Feeling Great!

Day 3

Colour appears to be much darker and brows feel dry and tight, this is because they have scabbed over & now healing. Loving the darker shade, and now I'm thinking to go darker for my top up, at least this way it's a gradual change and going darker is an option and safer way to progress the colour!

Day 4 & 5

Today my eyebrows feel dry and very itchy, still liking the darker colour! Continued feeling of itchiness on day 5.

Day 6

Crazy itchy and I so want to scratch my eyebrows. I can see the scab flaking now.

To add to my treatment I got a lash lift done with Rebekah today, which I've never had done before, & wow what a difference especially given I've had my brows done, it has just enhanced my overall look, even my husband commented!

Day 7

Eyebrows feel softer and calmer today, having a bath and the steam helped altough I did avoid getting water on my eyebrows as much as possible.

The shape shows much better and seems smaller in shape so my eyebrows feel and look more natural today. Loving the colour too, they are more the darker shade I had initially chosen. It's like hair dye, it appears to go on lighter and brighter until you let the colour sit. I hope this becomes my natural colour now 😍

Day 8

Eyebrows feel itchy again and some parts appear to be fading, so I guess I'm in the repair and heal stage which I was made aware of prior, otherwise I would have panicked!

Day 9

Feeling smoother and still slightly itchy today.

Day 10

Eyebrows seem to have slightly faded however still very pleased with the colour! They feel a little dry and tight today, so look forward to adding my ointment on before going bed.

Day 11

Eyebrows feel a little dry and tight and just want to scratch them, however looking very natural in colour and shape, love waking up to good looking Brows and Lashes 👀

Day 12

Feeling smoother now, they are just dry in a couple of places today. I've been putting ointment on every night before going bed.

Day 13

Hoooray almost at the end of my healing period & looking forward to washing my whole face properly! They are still feeling a little dry in places.

Day 14

I made it! It was no where as difficult as what I expected. Overall the initial stinging and moderate pain when I had them done only lasted 24hrs! The dryness, tightness and itchness gradually settled, especially by the end of week one.

Can't wait for my top up now as this will help to enhance my colour and perfect my eyebrow shape! 👀

Selda still has 3 more weeks before her top up appointment, this a mandatory appointment which allows any adjustments if needed. The top up comes inclusive within the full price.

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